Benoit St-Jean lamneth at
Wed Oct 14 23:26:21 UTC 1998

I finally installed Squeak 2.2 and had some time to play with it.  I have
to say I am amazed by this package (and the fact that such a thing is
free!) and just wanted to say "Good job boys".  Keep up the good work!
Your MIDI and network stuff is great!  Hey, I mean some companies sell
these things as add-ons and ask a lot of $$$$ for these packages: we have
them for free!

Two question though: 

1) Is there any ODBC related class to connect to a database (I'm on Win95
if that helps and the databases I'm interested in are Access 97 and DB2/2
as well as UDB 5.0)?

2) Is there anyone in this world working on a chess program written in
Smalltalk besides me?

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