Dave Astels astels at
Tue Oct 27 19:40:30 UTC 1998

Hello.  I'm new here and so thought I would introduce myself.

I've been working off & on in/with/on various implimentations and
incarnations of Smalltalk since '91.

I'just recently discovered Squeak.... it's fantastic.  It has the clean
lines of the original Smalltalk-80 that originally caught my attention.
I'm especially impressed with the extension of the Smalltalk principle
of reflexion taken to the full extent.. the VM itself.  I've started a
project to build a version of Rod Brooks Behaviour language (tentatively
called "Behave Yourself" :-) and a subsumption architecture VM in Squeak
(I had recently begun in VWNC).  I've switched to Squeak due to a) it's
openness, and b) the VM building support that is built in.  A Smalltalk
implementation of the Virtual Subsumpton Machine (VSM) was going to be a
central feature of the system, with a handcrafted C version developed
for use on embedded hardware.  Now, with the Squeak tools, the C version
can be generated.

And lastly, Squeak has the "fun" feel that Smalltalk-80 had.. that has
been lost in VW, VA, etc.


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