Exception Hierarchies

Paul McDonough PaulMcDonough at compuserve.com
Tue Aug 17 07:00:47 UTC 1999

Rather than write an eloquent discussion of TFEI's opinions re: the recent
Exception discussion, I'll just point to Allen Wirfs-Brock's recent post. 
That pretty well goes for us too, and thanks Allen for saving us the
trouble of trying to figure out how to say it.  It's worth noting that two
specific areas for improvement Allen mentioned were highlighted as needing
further work in the readme that accompanied TFEI's original EHS release - a
pluggable default handler, and fitting in better with the debugger.  We do
not expect to get to either piece of work particularly soon, but both are
still "on the list".

The evolving Exception hierarchy looks like something we'd use, and we'll
continue chit-chatting with Stephen Travis Pope offline as the community
iterates toward an integration with the base Squeak image.  Thanks to
Stephen for spearheading this.

Finally, we have run the basic tests on Squeak 2.5, and the EHS seems to
work just fine with that release.

Paul McDonough,
speaking off-the-cuff for the TFEI Squeakers

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