Unix 2.5 sources - who wants'em?

Tim Rowledge rowledge at interval.com
Sat Aug 21 01:45:52 UTC 1999

Well, almost.

I've rebuilt the sources (interp.c, sq.h etc) and added clean stubs for the
new socket prims to Ian's sources for *nix. Since it appears that Ian is
out of town for now, is anyone collecting files on his behalf? Come to
that, would anyone like to actually implement the new socket prims for

I have also added config related stuff for NetBSD (to suit my ChalTech ARM
NetBSD box) and NetWinder (an ARM Linux box) which ought to be folded in.

The only actual 'bugs' were:-
 - the primitive table has prim 182 pointing to a function that does not
seem to exist anywhere, even in the Mac sources. This has been reported as
a bug some time ago but it still crept into 2.5.
 - Ian had implemented ioLowResMSecs() in sqXWindow.c, but the latest sq.h
has a macro of the same name. Simply removing the function from sqXWindow.c
seems to work ok, but may not be his favoured approach.

So, is anyone collecting files? Does anyone else want to build the *nix 2.5
VM for their favourite machine? Are you back in touch with the world Ian?


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