Scamper Improvements?

Chris intern_boy_chris at
Sat Aug 28 18:37:23 UTC 1999

Is Scamper a work in process, or is it merely a web browser designed
for reading the Swikis inside of Squeak?
	The reason I ask, if because I feel it could use several
	A "back button", so you can return to previous pages
	A "stop" button, so that you can just stop rendering a page without
having to do a cmd-.
	An "images" button, in case your setup is too slow for JPEG
	Implement the password text box feature, so that people with
web-based mail can check it. (the only reason I use Nav now over
scamper is because I can't check my yahoo mail.)
	GIFs would be nice. I understand there is some patent issues, which
involve paying royalties, but if you're not selling the software, do
you have to pay a royality?
	A "view source" function, just in case you're not in a Swiki!
	Would a Cache be difficult? Could you enable it so that those of us
who want one, could use one?

	I'm sorry if I'm posting to the wrong list. I don't know if Scamper
has its own mailing list. If they do, please forward this to them.
These are just some outstanding issues which prevent me from using
Scamper all the time...always, faster/less memory usage would also be
great, but I'm sure they have that in mind!

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