Problem with PWS and Squeak2.5

Bob Arning arning at
Thu Aug 26 16:11:30 UTC 1999

On Thu, 26 Aug 1999 08:22:40 -0700 "Steve Wart" <swart at> wrote:
>Can anyone give me some pointers
>on setting up a headless Swiki on NT (i.e. as a service?). Do I really have
>to recompile the VM? I use NT every day, but that doesn't mean I know
>anything about the OS :-). I've heard there's a tool with the NT resource
>kit for making standalone apps into services, but I've never used it.


I found this from Andreas about Win95. I don't know if it applies to NT as well:


11/2/98	Andreas Raab 	Re: some not-so-random questions


* -headless
   Tells Squeak to run without a main window. However, for allowing
   at least some access to Squeak, an icon is added to the system tray.
   If you double-click this icon, the Squeak window will show up again.

* -log: logName
   Use the named file as log file for VM messages.

* -service: serviceName
   Install Squeak as Windows NT service. You will be asked for a couple
   of things such as if to start the service on system startup or if
   to run the service right now. You can modify these settings in
   the service control panel.  

   NOTE: You MUST give the entire command line as if you want to run
         the image immediately. The installation process will add a
         few registry settings to determine the command line during
         system start up.
  Example: Squeak -memory: 4 -log: C:\VM.log -service: "Squeak Sample Service" C:\Swiki\Server.image

  The "-service:" switch is fully supported on Win95 but has a little
  non-standard behavior. Squeak will show up in the system tray (just as
  when running -headless) because there is no such thing as a service 
  control panel within Win95. If you want to remove a service from a Win95
  system you'll have to remove the entry in the registry at


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