remember to add those goodies to the Swiki!

Dwight Hughes dwighth at
Wed Aug 25 14:19:21 UTC 1999

Bob Arning wrote:
> On Wed, 25 Aug 1999 07:16:57 -0400 "Andrew C. Greenberg" <werdna at> wrote:
> >>Also, prefixing those announcements with [FIX], [ENH], or [ADDON] would
> >>get them included automagically in the archive at
> >>
> >
> >Perhaps there ought to be a [GOODIE] as well?
> OTOH, I get confused by the differences between some of these. What useful kinds of ADDONs are there that do not ENHance the system? Is there a GOODIE that one does not ADDON to an existing Squeak system? And tools vs. packages leaves me in the dark.

I think I may be the guilty party that added the Tools and Packages
separation on the Swiki. My vague notion was that "tools" would refer to
extensions to the Squeak IDE itself, and "packages" would refer to more
general applications added on top of the Squeak environment - things
like mail and news readers, web servers, databases, games, .... Eh,
seemed like a good idea at the time.

-- Dwight

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