[Interval Problem] 2 cents

Andres Valloud sqrmax at cvtci.com.ar
Mon Aug 2 21:16:23 UTC 1999


> In my opinion this is an example of premature optimization, and flies
> directly in the face of well-documented Smalltalk best practices.

Keep in mind that I meant this just for the Interval class, giving
priority to the style already there.


> opinion is a whole lot easier to work with.  When you have a known
> performance problem you're trying to solve you can then potentially drop
> internal accessor sends if you think that's going to make a difference.
> (Personally I doubt very much that the elimination of some simple accessor
> sends is going to affect much of anything.  Poor algorithm choices are far
> more likely to be the culprit in any performance problem than accessor
> sends).

When an algorithm is ok, then you will like eliminating accessors. I got
a considerable boost by eliminating these from my compression framework.
But again, I didn't mean to do this everywhere.


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