Simple Morphic project

Alan Lovejoy sourcery at
Mon Aug 16 23:27:05 UTC 1999

> ** Original Sender: Dean_Swan at Mitel.COM
> From:  Dean Swan at MITEL on 08/16/99 05:47 PM
> I personally think Morphic is MVC in fancy clothes.  Am I missing something very
> basic here, or have I just pointed out the nature of the Emperor's new clothes?

Ah, yes.

I find it both very common, and very irritating, that people wrongfully label
the Blue Book GUI architecture as "MVC," as though the two were synonyms.
They are not.  See, for example, Trygve Reenskaug's book, "Working With
Objects." (Mr. Reenskaug invented MVC architecture while on sabbatical
at Xerox PARC in the late seventies).

The Blue Book GUI is **an implementation** of an MVC-style architecture.
Any GUI that defines separate roles for a "view," a "controller," and a "model"
is an MVC architecture.  Note that one object can play two or more roles,
as long as it is architecturally possible to allocate the three roles to
different objects when desired (see, for example, modern VisualWorks).

I would also contend that separating the model from the view is what really
matters about MVC.


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