WebObjects-like Classes

Alan Kay Alan.Kay at disney.com
Mon Aug 23 13:33:35 UTC 1999

Benjamin --

There are several possible routes. First, look at how the Swiki code works.
This sends html to a standard browser, and could be a starting place.
     Second, you could try the route that we use, which is to use Squeak
objects directly. Squeak gets started up as a helper from a browser, and
once started, it can interact with users and send its own objects around
the net using its own sockets. This works quite well. One place to see this
is to make a bookmorph with different pages and check out its main menu for
buttons that will put the pages out to disk or to a server. A bookmorph all
by itself is a database (like a hypercard stack of old). All text in a
bookmorph is gathered together for efficient searches, etc.
     There will be quite a bit more easier to get to functionality here
over the next few months ...




>On Sat, 21 Aug 1999,
>Benjamin Pollack wrote:
>> Are there WebObjects-like classes for Squeak that provide dynamic HTML pages
>> and database connectivity?  I'm thinking about trying to use Squeak in place
>> of WebObjects for an online book ordering service for my school in order to
>> show off the power of Smalltalk, but I haven't been able to find code that
>> provides what I need, and don't have the time to start writing from scratch.
>> (A workable demo needs to be running in four weeks for this to have a chance
>> of getting off the ground, allowing enough time for databases to be made so
>> that it can be used for second-semester book sales.)  Does anyone have any
>> ideas or suggestions?  Thanks.
>> Benjamin Pollack
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