remember to add those goodies to the Swiki!

Peter William Lount peter at
Thu Aug 26 08:46:37 UTC 1999

Hi Bert,

I'd be inclined to keep these items around for a lot longer than a month. 

Certainly your suggestion of being able to search for the information is
very usefull. Maybe only list the most recent items on the web but keep a
full archive a click away. A sorted listing would also be of interest. 

A seperate swiki page could be automatically generated for each item and an
automatic email sent to the submitter of the item so that they can just
click to get to the swiki page to edit and place extra information there.
Reminders could be sent to the originator or maintainers every n months
asking if there is an update. Also, people could post their email address
with the swiki page so that they can receive email updates that there is
new information about the item - like a new version or more documentation.

All the best,

Peter William Lount
peter at

> I even consider automatic deletion of the entries after, say, a month or

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