PWS Headless Crashes

Peter William Lount peter at
Wed Aug 25 19:58:54 UTC 1999


I am attempting to get a headless Squeak running PWS and it crashes with
the following:

Segmentation fault

136652816 Delay class>timerInterruptWatcher
136653152 [] in Delay class>startTimerInterruptWatcher
136653228 [] in BlockContext>newProcess

Has anyone seen this before or knows whats is happening?

I'm running Squeak2.4c on unix. 

I've added PWS class>startUp to the SystemDictionary>processStartUpList

PWS startUp
	PWS serveOnPort: 8080 loggingTo: 'log8080.txt'.

When I start the headless server the log file gets created so I know that
it executed the startUp script!

When I attempt to connect with a web browser nothing happens. If I try this
from a Squeak VM that has a gui it works fine and serves up the page... If
I attempt to click a button on the web page when it's headless it

Any thoughts? 

What are all the steps and modifications for making a successful PWS web
server run headless?
(I have a version of the squeak vm compiled with "CFLAGS=-DHEADLESS).

All the best,

Peter William Lount

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