Squeak Central Projects

Dan Ingalls Dan.Ingalls at disney.com
Fri Aug 13 14:20:43 UTC 1999

Folks -

I've set up a number of pages on the GA Tech Swiki relating to what I have called Squeak Central Projects: 


As it says there, 

	Each Squeak Central Project has emerged from a fair amount of
	discussion on the Squeak mail list wherein a large number of people
	have agreed to the importance of the project.  Moreover, in each
	case, the folks at Squeak Central have committed to include these
	new capabilities as soon as they satisfy their initial requirements
	and are ready for relatively painless inclusion in the latest release.

In each case I have tried to list all those who contacted me directly, but if I missed someone or something or if you feel newly inspired -- it's a Swiki -- add your name or comment.

I suggest that the most interested parties communicate among yourselves about how you think it would be best to proceed on any given project, and then send a message to the Squeak list summarizing it.  While there's no guarantee against conflicts, I think we can probably get things going fairly smoothly this way.

	- Dan

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