Opening FileList To Get Value Back

R. A. Harmon harmonra at
Fri Aug 6 14:07:32 UTC 1999

At 07:47 AM 8/6/99 -0400, Bob Arning wrote:
>On Fri, 06 Aug 1999 05:51:28 -0500 "R. A. Harmon" <harmonra at>
>>Could anyone tell me how to open a FileList so I can query it later (the
>>path and file name)?
>aFileList _ FileList openAsMorph openInWorld model.

That was quick, thanks.

I try to stay strictly with MVC as I want to port this stuff.  What is the
MVC equivalent?

(Sorry, I am at best only semi-adequate at the user interface (UI) stuff,
and haven't yet gotten the Squeak UI straight, yet.)

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