squeak portability problem

Jason Karney jason at NetGenics.com
Tue Aug 10 15:57:01 UTC 1999

If you are referring to the mini.image (verison 2.2) I have run that in 1-bit
and 16-bit modes under WinNT.

Have previously run it in Win95 on a 256 color display, In 1- and 8-bit modes.


Stefan Rieken wrote:

> Hello,
> I tried the image small.image form www.squeak.org, not on a PDA, but on
> a PC, with Windows as well as Linux.
> The Windows version went black. The Linux version however seemed to have
> a check for this and thus returned an error message "depth 1 not
> supported".
> Further checks made clear that a depth lower than 16 (8 or 1) could not
> in anyway be set on either Windows or Linux Squeak 2.4c. This is in
> conflict with the promise that Squeak code would run on any machine that
> has a VM for it. So how on earth could this be?
> (I would understand off course, PDA's not being able to do depths > 1,
> but the other way around should do.)
> Greets,
> Stefan

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