Enhanced Newbie Debugger

Doug Way dway at mat.net
Tue Aug 24 06:24:43 UTC 1999

On Mon, 23 Aug 1999, Ashley George Taylor wrote:
> I have developed an enhanced debugger for newbies which is easier to use
> and gives more useful info. Others may find it useful too.

Looks good.  Interestingly, this more or less implements what Bob Arning
was talking about a few days ago as far as showing the results of each
message send while debugging.  (In a slightly different way.)  Showing
these intermediate/returned values is a great idea.

I did notice that some messages didn't show their returned objects...
simple accessors such as Rectangle>>corner, and some binary selectors such
as + and *.  I'm not sure if this was intentional, but I don't think you'd
want to leave these out.

(Also, the thin border just above the "returned" pane makes it difficult
to resize the source code pane to be larger, but I admit that's getting

- Doug Way
  dway at mat.net

> o  It has buttons for stepping, sending, etc. (an idea from Scott
> o  It shows EVERY message during execution and gives the values of
>    intermediate objects, arguments and returned objects.
> o  It shows the class each message was found in, and the classes it had
>    look through to find it.
> I would appreciate it if more experienced Squeakers give it a spin and
> point out any flaws they find, especially since I am not a Squeak expert
> and we plan to use this debugger in a course this semester.
> See and download at
> http://www.cc.gatech.edu/projects/squeakers/30.html
>                       -Ashley George Taylor (ataylor at cc.gatech.edu)

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