Squeak vs. VW local block variables

Dan Ingalls Dan.Ingalls at disney.com
Tue Aug 24 14:18:11 UTC 1999

"Daniel V. Oppenheim" <music at watson.ibm.com> wrote...
>Trying to port VisualWorks code into Squeak. Squeak doesn't support local
>block variables. Any workarounds apart from manually making the block
>variables into local variables? Any plans for adding local block variables
>in Squeak?

This (with real block closures) is a recurring request.  It has been canonized into an official project, but no one on the list of interested parties has stepped forward to suggest a plan of action.

See the Squeak Central projects list at...
....and add yourself or make suggestions if you are (seriously) interested.

	- Dan

PS:  Squeak Central is away at camp for the next three days.  This may mean you'll hear nothing from us,or maybe a lot but, in any case, that's the reason.

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