Eliminating assignments and variable syntax (accessors)

Marcel Weiher marcel at system.de
Sat Aug 14 17:09:43 UTC 1999

> From: Alan Kay <Alan.Kay at disney.com>
>      Suggestion: turn all the energy worrying about formatting  
> conventions into good ideas for making real OOP inviting to look  
at and we
> can make these happen right from the parse tree ....

My idea was to do something like this in small steps.  Starting with  
where we are right now, look at places that are causing problems and  
change them, always keeping the overall goal in mind.  Observe how  
the change works and repeat as necessary.

However, suggestions of small, incremental changes always seem to  
elicit *exactly* two reactions.  The 'conservatives' complain about  
any change whatsoever whereas 'progressives' aren't satisfied with so  
small a change and want to redesign everything, preferably mitching  
and matching cncepts from as many languages 'du jour' as possible.   
Even more interesting, the hue and cry from the 'conservatives' seems  
to be the same for big changes as for small changes, suggesting that  
few radical changes are actually an effective measure for  



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