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Chris intern_boy_chris at yahoo.com
Sun Aug 8 05:20:13 UTC 1999

Hi, I'm a newbie, but there are two issues I felt needed to be
	First off, I'm using an Apple PowerMac Clone. Its a UMAX C500 with
88Megs RAM, SRS Sound, 8X CD ROM, 200MHz 603e, and two graphics
cards. Squeak is displayed on my ATI XCLAIM VR 5 (4MB SG VRAM). There
are two issues I have with it.
	1) There is no sound coming from my Midi Keyboard in the morphic
examples. I know there should be...could the SRS (stereo Surround
Sound) Chipset be unsupported. Squeak does beep at me every now and
then when I do something I shouldn't be. :(
	2) Does the Mac Version have 3d primitives? Because when I use the
Play-With-Me-7, the Alice example, it warns me before entering, that
I don't have 3D primitive support. It can run (sort of) but the
performance is doggedly slow. Is there a place where I can get them,
or is there something wrong with my image?

	Also, the second thing I'd like to bring up: Why is the Windows port
of Squeak so much better? The Mac version isn't Mac-Like at all. The
windows version lets you customize several things, like "low-power"
mode, and "3-button" mouse arrangement. Why can't you do anything
like that on the Mac side? Heck, you can't even go to the Apple Menu,
and see an "About Squeak" dialog box. We should have built in sound
and 3d support on the mac side! We should also have a configurable
preference dialog box [in the edit menu]. Not only would this
increase the usability and ease-of-use factor for newbies and
veterans alike, but it would make the interface more cross-platform,
given that the windows version of Squeak already has this
	Also, does anyone have a custom icon for the Mac? Squeak for windows
has one, and the Mac version deserves one as well.

	Just my $.02

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