Eliminating assignments and variable syntax (accessors)

Toby Watson toby at tui.co.uk
Sat Aug 14 16:55:53 UTC 1999

Alan Kay said:

>      Suggestion: turn all the energy worrying about formatting
> conventions into good ideas for making real OOP inviting to look at and we
> can make these happen right from the parse tree ....

OK, let me throw in a couple of artifacts that I come across everyday for

1. Dave Winer's Frontier, which uses an outliner for scripting in UserTalk,
and has a certain 'look'.

http://www.scripting.com/frontier/snippets/nerdsguide.html (scroll down to
see editor)

http://frontier.userland.com/ (general)

(actually Frontier may be of interest to the Squeak community wrt. the way
it deals with being a hot system. Guest Databases, Suites, etc. )

2. Haskell, which has an offside rule (or something ;-)

http://www.haskell.org/tutorial/patterns.html#sect4.6 (more layout up the

http://www.haskell.org/ (general, inc language definition)

I know that the Haskell community has recently been debating the
implementation of the indent-rule, saying that it was much too complicated.


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