[UPDATES] - a few more pending contributions

Dan Ingalls Dan.Ingalls at disney.com
Wed Aug 4 01:32:45 UTC 1999

To wit...

1368HTTPCrLfFix-tao -- Tim Olson -- 3 August 1999
Enclosed is a change set which fixes the problem that was reported with 
Scamper accepting only CR/LF line termination instead of being more 
tolerant of servers which might only send LF terminated lines.

1369CelesteTimezones-LS -- Lex Spoon -- 23 June 1999
Makes Celeste use timezone information when sorting messages.

1370DebugForkedProcess-RAA -- Bob Arning -- 3 August 1999
Fix 1:
If some process is still running the main event loop, then the debugger need not (read: better not) start another one.
Fix 2:
Fail a bit more gracefully when the method being debugged no longer exists.
Note: Nether of these fixes is ideal in my mind and I will give them some more thought, but since I've been bitten by these a number of times and since others have mentioned this as well, here is what I have.




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