source in browser? - (new user question)

Dwight Hughes dwighth at
Thu Aug 12 19:01:48 UTC 1999

It looks like you have the classic unwanted file conversion on download
or decompression problem. Turn off all file conversion "features" in
Stuffit Expander (even if you are on a Mac) before unpacking the .sit
file. If you downloaded the individual files, make sure you did it in
*binary* mode (preferably with an FTP client). Most browsers will give
you problems with these files if they are not compressed.

The .changes or .sources files (which are just large text files using CR
end-of-line formatting) are probably getting their end of line
formatting messed with (and who knows what else) -- since the .image
file maintains offsets into these files to retrieve the source when
browsing, anything that messes with their formatting will throw the
browsing off.

-- Dwight

Mark Polishook wrote:
> In my 2.5 image, as freshly opened, when looking at Object -> at: ,
> instead of seeing
> at: index
>  "Primitive, etc.
> as appears in my 2.4 image, I instead see
> ive
> if the
> at: index
>  "Primit
> part got chopped off.  Object -> at: put:  is similar.
> e
> is the only thing that shows up at the beginning (as if everything up to
> the e in Primitive got chopped off). I'm about 3 days into Squeak and very
> new to SM, etc. Am I missing something obvious?
> -mp

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