Simple Morphic project

Tim Olson tim at
Fri Aug 20 03:19:30 UTC 1999

Spencer Yu wrote:

> * If it is possible to construct the counter (one LedMorph, two
>   SimpleButtomMorphs) without writing a single line of code,
>   assuming that LedMorph already has "increment" and "decrement"
>   menthods? I thought it was possible to do such a thing by creating
>   the Led and buttoms from the "World>>new morph..." menu, and then
>   sort of embed them to some AlignmentMorphs. But I couldn't figure
>   a way out to do it.

1) Get an alignment morph, from "new morph..."

2) Grow the alignment morph by right-clicking (or command-clicking on
Mac) to get the halo, then resize with the yellow handle.

3) get an LedMorph and some SimpleButtonMorphs on the desktop.

4) right-click on a button (or cmd-click on Mac) to bring up the halos,
and click the red handle to bring up a menu.  change the button's label
and selector (increment, decrement, etc).

5) [this is the step that doesn't work for me anymore...] you should be
able to pick up a button morph with the black halo handle, and move it
on top of the LedMorph.  When you look at the button's menu, it should
have a new entry that allows you to set the button's target.  However,
it's not working for me anymore under 2.5 (running with a 2.4VM under

6) pick up & drop the LedMorph and buttons onto the alignment morph, and
choose "embed..." from their menus.

	-- tim

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