[BUG][FIX] Celeste html messages

Javier Diaz xdiaz at ECNET.ec
Wed Aug 18 21:58:22 UTC 1999

When Celeste try to display a message with contentType = 'text/html' fail
with this error: 'Message not understood: readStream' the attached
changeset correct this problem replacing:

   bodyText _ (HtmlParser parse: body content readStream) formattedText. ]


   bodyText _ (HtmlParser parse: (ReadStream on: body content)) formattedText. ]

Also, if the message have contentType = 'text/html' but not 'mime-version'
the message is not interpreted as html, replacing:

		ifTrue: [body _ MIMEDocument contentType: contentType
content: bodyText]
		ifFalse: [body _ MIMEDocument contentType: 'text/plain'
content: bodyText]


   body _ MIMEDocument contentType: contentType content: bodyText

correct this problem, the if is not needed because by default contentType
is 'text/plain'.

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