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Dean_Swan at Mitel.COM Dean_Swan at Mitel.COM
Mon Aug 16 21:47:38 UTC 1999

From:  Dean Swan at MITEL on 08/16/99 05:47 PM

I personally think Morphic is MVC in fancy clothes.  Am I missing something very
basic here, or have I just pointed out the nature of the Emperor's new clothes?

                              -Dean Swan

Tim Olson <tim at> on 08/13/99 07:28:07 PM

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Subject:  Re: Simple Morphic project

> This brings up a question about learning Smalltalk via Squeak. Should
> I start with MVC, (since that is documented in the classic texts) or
> just dive into the Morphic world?

Heck, learn 'em both!  I'd actually start with learning and playing with
non-interface code, first, to get the real flavor of Smalltalk coding,
then pick up Morphic and/or MVC.

> Also, are there other major divergences from the older texts?

In the non-interface areas Squeak seems to be pretty much the same as
documented in the older texts.  MVC is probably slightly different, and
Morphic is new.

MVC has some interesting ideas re: separating the view, controller, and
model for improved pluggability & reuse, but I personally think Morphic
is much easier to learn.

     -- tim

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