NEW USER changeset question

Dwight Hughes dwighth at
Mon Aug 23 23:05:22 UTC 1999

Mark Polishook wrote:
> If I bring a file in via the "file into new change set" command, how can I
> remove it at some point in the future?

If you want to filein a changeset and check it out, but you are
concerned it might screw up your image: do a "save" image before you
filein the changeset (if there is anything you want to keep) then filein
the changeset and test it out, but do NOT "save" or "save and quit"
until you are satisfied everything is OK. If you don't want to keep the
changeset, just quit/close the image *without* saving. When you start up
again you will be right back where you did your last "save" or "save and

If you filein the changeset and save the image, then you are basically
stuck with it -- in the general case anyway. The reason is that any
changeset may modify pre-existing methods and classes, which can be
modified by later changesets,.... You can see the previous versions of
the methods in a change sorter - just select a method in the middle pane
and do Alt-v. However, if you ever do a "Smalltalk condenseChanges" or
"Smalltalk condenseSources" you will lose all previous method version
history. The change sorters let you manually delete methods, but you
must be careful.

Eventually there will be some source code managers available for Squeak
that can keep up with method and image versions and be able to restore
the state to any given point, but not quite yet.

To move back another step, you can check what modifications a changeset
will make before you file it in -- open the File List and select the
changeset file, then select "browse code" from the context menu for the
file list pane. This will bring up a Package Browser on the changeset,
with diffs on any pre-existing class or method, but without filing
anything in.

-- Dwight

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