PWS Response Times Improved by moving mouse!

Russell Allen russell.allen at
Thu Aug 5 06:20:41 UTC 1999

Hi Lex,

I've also experienced this problem running on Solaris, with a 2.4 VM.  At
the time I ignored the problem because that setup was only a temporary
development stopgap before moving to a headless VM.  I assumed (without
much thought) that it was some sort of X-Windows problem...

This was with both unmodified and modified servers.


>"Peter William Lount" <peter at> wrote:
>> Hi,
>> I have the Squeak Plugabble Web Server running on a FreeBSD box with Squeak
>> 2.4c and I've noticed something very odd. The response time of the server
>> is very slow or non-existant unless the mouse is moved on the server's
>> squeak x-window! I'm wondering if anyone has experienced this and if there
>> is a fix?
>> Here's the test page.
>Can you try downloading the newest VM and see if it still happens?
>Also, have you modified your image in any way other than setting up PWS in it?
>This is definately not the way it's supossed to work :)

Russell Allen

russell.allen at


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