A different view of Smalltalk

Dwight Hughes dwighth at ipa.net
Tue Aug 17 18:06:59 UTC 1999

You must to be in a Morphic Project to use Bob's Syntax -- launching it
from an MVC project opens a window to display Bob's Syntax but it
doesn't respond properly to mouse clicks there.

-- Dwight

"Richard L. Peskin" wrote:
> At 11:30 AM -0400 8/17/99, Bijan Parsia wrote:
> >Useful or not, it's *definitely* got that, "Oh wow!" factor! I find myself
> >uncontrollably using! exclamation! points!!! :)
> OK what's the trick to using this and seeing all this cool stuff. When I
> get a "Bob's Syntax" morph window on a method, all I get are execptions
> when I press a mouse button; no pop-ups or whatever. I'm running 2.5 on a
> PowerMac.
> --dick peskin
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