Update from server blows up.

David LeBlanc whisper at accessone.com
Sat Aug 7 01:00:19 UTC 1999

Thanks to all that replied!

I downloaded a "squeak2.4.zip" from the squeak.org site in the last 2 days.
This is the one that i'm having trouble updating. There are the usual 4
files in it, and they are all dated 4/21/99, and the zip is 5,249kb in
size. I ALSO downloaded a "squeak.exe" size 5,336kb, which has files dated
4/21/99 and 5/8/99. The change and image files in that zip are named
squeak2.4b.changes and squeak2.4b.images. Is that 2.4b for beta or 2.4
patch b? (I would appreciate it if one is going to have several version of
files available, that they have the version number in the filename AND that
patches be numbered (1 ... ) instead of using a letter like "c". That way
if I found a file called squeak2.4.2 ("a" would be the 2.4 release I
guess), i'd know I had the latest version/edit/patch.) IS there a way to
determine the patch level in a running squeak? I would guess that would be
hard unless you used the highest update # that image has had applied:
2.4.580 seems to be what is in the zip, and 2.4.658 would be what I have
now, but I think the updates run into the 800's.

After fossicking around in sqeak and on the swiki, I found out about "save
updates on local disk" and tried that. I also stopped the update on the
first debug box that came up. It was able to incorporate changes
581readNextUpdate-sw.cs through 658clonerfix3-8-tr.cs. "659" choked on a
missing dictionary key and the debug log is herein included. Hopefully that
will aid someone in figuring out what I might have done wrong or what is
needed to fix things.

All this happens on a Windows NT Workstation 4.0sp4 pentium pro 200mhz box
w/256mb of memory.

BTW, 2.4 seems much zippier than 2.3, and i've not even tried jitter yet!

Please let me know what to do now folks :)


Dave LeBlanc

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>Hossa! Thanks for letting me know; I'll check it out.
>   Andreas
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>>  David, I _think_ this is a small mistake on Andreas' part - since you say
>>  you are running windows, I assume you downloaded the Squeak2.4d (or some
>>  similar name) from Andreas' website?
>>  IF so, then I had a similar problem last week (and stupidly forgot to
>>  notify him) which I worked around by grabbing an image labelled 2.4c from
>>  Ian's site.  So far as I could make out, something is wrong in the
>>  version/update-state variables in the 2.4d image file.
>>  tim
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