Internet Suite (Instant Messaging/FPT)

Bolot Kerimbaev bolot at
Sat Aug 28 18:58:20 UTC 1999

Dino is implementing a unified messanger (ICQ, AOL IM, Yahoo, etc.) in
Squeak. It may take a while longer because of the AOL-MS war, and AOL's
new licensing tactics (don't know details).

Hey, why do you think Squeak should have all this stuff to attract
interest? People were still using DOS when Macs had Photoshop...


On Sat, 28 Aug 1999, Chris wrote:

> Are there any current plans to implement an FTP client, or an AOL IM
> client in Squeak. I'm wondering because I think Squeak should have a
> full toolset of Internet Applications to attract interest.

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