[Newbie] A better MacSqueak

Chris intern_boy_chris at yahoo.com
Sun Aug 8 21:55:29 UTC 1999

--- John.Maloney at disney.com wrote:
> Squeak does have support for both input and output of sound on the
> Mac.
> It uses the standard Mac sound manager, which I assue should make
> it work
> with your clone. Try:
>   AbstractSound stereoBachFugue play

	Yes, I've done that before. Its actually pretty cool!

> as a basic test of the sound output.
> In morphic, create a "RecordingControlsMorph" from the "new
> morph..."
> menu (under "Widgets"). Be sure you have the proper input device
> selected in your Mac control panel (e.g., microphone, rather than
> the CD driver). Hit record and make some noise. You should see
> activity
> in the sound level bar. Hit stop to end recording, then play to
> play
> it back.

	I will try that. Right now, my microphone in is wired into my
RCA-based VCR, allowing my Mac to function as a home theater. Squeak
should have a video player! I'll do this asap, though.
> For 3D, you need to put the Mac version of the "Squeak3D" plugin
> into
> the same folder as you Squeak VM.
	Where to I get plugins? At the Mac goodie directory.

> There is a custom icon for Squeak on the Mac, although I can't
> recall
> where it is.
> Welcome to Squeak!
> 	-- John

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