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Norton, Chris chrisn at
Fri Aug 27 14:58:36 UTC 1999

Hi Folks.

Jesse Welton [jwelton at] wrote: 

Is there any way to make Squeak recognize a change in the window size,
without restarting?  It's a bit discouraging that Squeak doesn't
automatically register the window change and adjust the display bounds
accordingly.  (I'm on a Mac, if that matters.)

This has been a problem on the Win platform since Squeak 2.0 (that's where
my experience begins).  The issue is: if you are running Squeak in an
un-maximized window and you use the window handles to make the window
bigger, Squeak does not recognize this fact until you manually choose to
"restore display".  The problem happens within MVC and morphic.

Jessie:  After you resize your window, right mouse click to bring up a menu.
The "restore display" command should be right on top (I think it's the 3rd
menu item -- I'm working from memory here :-) ).

I have hopes that when we get native event support implemented, we can make
the re-paint after resize an automatic feature.


---==> Chris

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