New Squeak Porting Proposals

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Wed Aug 18 03:25:50 UTC 1999

>From: "Norton, Chris" <chrisn at>
>Subject: RE: RE: New Squeak Porting Proposals
>Date: Tue, 17 Aug 1999 15:24:03 -0400
<big snip>
> > Hmmm... What if the VM (or perhaps it could be done in Squeak) treated a
> > stylus touching the screen and moving as simply a mouseMove and relied 
> > an additional keypress to consider the touch as a mouseDown. One could
> > also consider the software Apple developed for limited-access 
> > repeatedly hitting the shift-key toggled a state thingie between various
> > metakey combinations that were applied to normal keystrokes.
> >
> > Cheers,
> > Bob
>	[Norton, Chris]  I don't have a PDA, so I don't know if this
>behavior is supported, but how about implementing double tap support to
>indicate right mouse down?  If the menus were then set to default on "stay
>open", the user could double tap on a widget, get the right mouse menu and
>then proceed normally from there.
>	You people are making me want to drop some $ on one of those toys...

Great idea!

Another light bulb lights over my head.  I have a Newton (hence the light 
bulb), and one cool thing it does is change to a selection mode if the 
stylus is held still against the screen for a moment.  Perhaps Squeak could 
support this as a right click (or any programmable event) in Squeak?  I 
realize that this is effectively the same as holding down the left mouse 
button for a moment.



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