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Fri Aug 6 03:25:48 UTC 1999

Dave --

I too would love a copy of this tutorial.


Doug McPherson

>At 13:30 -0400 8/2/99, Jason Karney wrote:
>>I am interested in learning more about meta-classes and how do
>>Object/Behavior/etc. really work. Besides browsing them, can anybody
>>recommend a
>>good roadmap? Thanks.
>I still have the foils from a tutorial I gave at OOPSLA in 1990,
>co-authored with Jerry Archibald, called "The Behavior of Behavior".
>I think the version I have is actually from one given at a Digitalk
>Developers Conference in 1993 but they differ only slightly.
>Some of the talk is very Digitalky, but a lot is general.
>I have it in PDF format if you are interested.
>David N. Smith
>IBM T J Watson Research Center
>Hawthorne, NY
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