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Tim Rowledge rowledge at
Fri Aug 13 18:43:06 UTC 1999

On Fri 13 Aug, Stefan Rieken wrote:
> Tim Rowledge wrote:
> > Porting is fairly simple. Look at the porting notes on the
> > swiki. I am working on modularising the VM so that it can be even simpler.
> Really sorry Tim, I searched but cannot find the page on the swiki.
> Could you please be something more specific?
I coulda sworn there was a page all about porting, but I can't find it.
However, there still seems to be some useful info on:-
and I've just added a starting entry on porting to
edu/squeak.794  and pointed to it from the Virtual MAchine Hacking page as well.

John Maloney produced a MacMinimal.c file some time ago that provides minimal
stubs for most of the non-essential platform specific functions.  It gets
written out if you do 'InterpreterSupportCode writeMacSources'
You might also find various of my Acorn source files useful, since I had to
make null-stubs for the sound, serial, midi and printing stuff that I never
seem to have time to work out!

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