Updates to the st.cs.uiuc.edu ftp site.

Bruce ONeel beoneel at mindspring.com
Fri Aug 13 11:59:16 UTC 1999

  Well, now that we can upload to st.cs.uiuc.edu I've finally done some small updates to
Squeak/2.4.  Basically I've added a README.2.4c and my mac newbie package.  Since 2.5 is 
now out I'm tempted to leave everything else as it is.

  Next up, the windows 2.5 bits that Michael Rueger <Michael.Rueger.-ND at disney.com>
put together and the changes and image files.  I'll put together a full Mac package 
tonight when I don't have to move things around a floppysized chunk at a time.

  Comments, requests, and questions happily welcomed.



PS  Just for future reference.  I'm in Switzerland so I'm not ignoring you after about Noon 
EDT/9am PDT, I'm just not online.

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