Car and Steering wheel demo

Daniel V. Oppenheim music at
Thu Aug 26 18:35:15 UTC 1999

This is FANTASTIC -- thanks for taking the time to create it! As others
have already suggested, tapes would be a GREAT way to introduce and demo
Morphic (and other parts of the system unique to Squeak). Recording is
probably much faster and more fun than writing intro documents. I would
really apprecaite a collection of recordings of 'cool' squeak features to
learn from -- I'm learning a lot from them!


At 09:42 AM 8/26/99 -0400, you wrote:
>I've placed a recorded demo of creating a car and string wheel and then
>hooking them up at:
>1. Get a fully updated standard Squeak 2.5 image
>2. Start it (don't resize anything).
>3. Create and Enter a Morphic project
>4. Open an EventRecorderMorph and position it precisely in the
>    top left corner of the screen (aligning the pixels with the top left)
>5. Select "readTape" and enter your downloaded copy of the above file
>6. Select "play" and watch
>Note, the EventRecorder is very sensitive to the positions of things.  Also,
>if you system runs more slowly than mine, it might not work properly.
>- Stephen


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