New Squeak Porting Proposals

Alan Kay Alan.Kay at
Tue Aug 17 20:22:13 UTC 1999

This is roughly what the itsy folks at DEC/COMPAQ do ... The Squeak that
runs on it uses this convention.

It works fairly well.




At 11:06 AM -0800 8/17/99, Bob Arning wrote:
>On Tue, 17 Aug 1999 11:08:00 -0700 "Raab, Andreas"
><Andreas.Raab at> wrote:
>>>      The stylus interface works, as you've implemented it.  It's just not
>>> very
>>> usable.  Because WinCE doesn't show the mouse cursor, and there is
>>> essentially
>>> only one button with now Cmd or Option keys, a lot of the Squeak interface
>>> is
>>> inaccessible (especially in Morphic).
>>Do you have any idea how that could be fixed except from writing a complete
>>new UI for stylus based computers?!
>Hmmm... What if the VM (or prehaps it could be done in Squeak) treated a
>stylus touching the screen and moving as simply a mouseMove and relied on
>an additional keypress to consider the touch as a mouseDown. One could
>also consider the software Apple developed for limited-access situations:
>repeatedly hitting the shift-key toggled a state thingie between various
>metakey combinations that were applied to normal keystrokes.

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