Problem with PWS and Squeak2.5

Kellie Miller kellie-miller at
Wed Aug 25 18:00:30 UTC 1999

Is it just me or is anyone else experiencing a crash
when they try to run PWS in the 2.5 release. I have
tried it with the Solaris binary and with the Win95
binary. I had downloaded the Win95 2.4d version at
home (I'm not sure of the letter, it may have been
2.4c) and it has no problems running PWS. The gdb
backtrace on Solaris looks like this:

#0  0x53f54 in socketValueOf ()
#1  0x4d258 in primitiveSocketListenOnPort ()
#2  0x4b3ac in primitiveResponse ()
#3  0x36ae0 in interpret ()
#4  0x62dd4 in main ()

I played with Squeak 1.2 over the Christmas Holidays a
year or two ago so I'm not a total newbie but I am 
incredibly impressed at how far Squeak has
evolved since then. And it's all thanks to the Swiki
code that I was reminded to check into it again.

Thanks to all,

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