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Dean_Swan at Mitel.COM Dean_Swan at Mitel.COM
Tue Aug 24 15:12:20 UTC 1999

From:  Dean Swan at MITEL on 08/24/99 11:12 AM

     This (imho) is way off topic, but Geos has come a long way since the C64
days.  Check out  for the latest Geos based software
for PCs.  They even have a VB like environment.  Geos has become somwhat cultish
(much like the Amiga), and the SDK's from Geoworks aren't very expensive.
Somebody with the time could probably port Squeak over without a huge amount of
trouble.  FWIW PC Geos does get much better performance out of the PC hardware
than Windoze, and it's far more stable than WinXX (i.e. 95, 98, NT, CE).

     New Deal Office is a fairly impressive package for $69.95.  Add in NewBasic
Builder for another $29.95, and you've pretty much got everything that MS Office
can do for uner $100,  it will all fit on a 386 with a 40 Meg drive, and be
quite usable.

     Let the nay-sayers vent.  It seems to be fashionable to bitch about
Wal-Mart business practices, but the fact of the matter is that they have the
largest, most complete and accurate database of American consumer purchasing
behavior ANYWHERE.  If they're looking to offer a machine for web browsing and
word processing, they're probably aiming in the right direction.  Remember that
they're targeting people who don't already have computers, so WE (Squeakers) are
NOT their target market.

                                   -Dean Swan
                                   dean_swan at

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