Eliminating assignments and variable syntax (accessors)

Bijan Parsia bparsia at email.unc.edu
Sun Aug 15 14:54:31 UTC 1999

At 12:55 PM -0400 8/14/99, Toby Watson wrote:

>Alan Kay said:
>>      Suggestion: turn all the energy worrying about formatting
>> conventions into good ideas for making real OOP inviting to look at and we
>> can make these happen right from the parse tree ....
>OK, let me throw in a couple of artifacts that I come across everyday for
>1. Dave Winer's Frontier, which uses an outliner for scripting in UserTalk,
>and has a certain 'look'.
>http://www.scripting.com/frontier/snippets/nerdsguide.html (scroll down to
>see editor)
>http://frontier.userland.com/ (general)
>(actually Frontier may be of interest to the Squeak community wrt. the way
>it deals with being a hot system. Guest Databases, Suites, etc. )

Michael Starke's Golgi in fact was inspired by Frontier and implements (in
an alpha way) outlining code panes in Squeak, with the added advantage that
the outline widgets are semantically significant.

Bijan Parsia.

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