ObjectShare sells VisualWorks to Cincom

Tom Burns tom.burns at appnet.com
Tue Aug 31 17:56:16 UTC 1999

I thought that many on this list may be interested in the latest happenings
in the larger Smalltalk world: ObjectShare is selling VisualWorks to Cincom
for $3M (in the form of cash, royalties, and assumed obligations).

You can read the press release at just about any stock quoting site (note
that ObjectShare's ID is now OBJS.OB since it's been downgraded to
over-the-counter bulletin board trading).  Anyway, here's a link to Yahoo's
page: http://biz.yahoo.com/bw/990831/ca_objects_1.html

For those that may not be aware, Cincom (http://www.cincom.com), a privately
held company, is probably best known in the ST community for selling
ObjectStudio, a Smalltalk variant (in the sense that it has language
features that don't exist in any other ST implementations).

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