[squeak newbie] window problem

Martin Brown mjbjr at beaudesign.com
Tue Aug 3 04:50:20 UTC 1999

I just installed squeak (Linux).  While fooling around looking at the
initial demo windows, I've run into a problem which doesn't seem to be
covered in the online (web) docs.

(My terms might be incorrect)

If I click on one of those title bar only collapsed windows , it expands
into a normal window.  If I double click on the title bar, it maximizes to
cover the squeak screen (?) completely, and it's title bar disappears. How
do I de-maximize it?  None of the menu items does it, and I have to exit
squeak and start over.


Is there, or will there be, a way to run squeak using a native (to
Linux/UNIX) GUI/toolkit (X, motif)?

If not are there any ST's outthere that are free, at least for
non-commercial purposes, and currently use the native GUI/toolkit?


                           - Martin J. Brown, Jr. -

                             - BEAUDESIGN.COM -

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