Problem with PWS and Squeak2.5

Steve Wart swart at
Thu Aug 26 15:22:40 UTC 1999

Everything works fine with a 2.4 image and a 2.4 VM.

I traced the 2.5 problem as well as I could within Squeak.
Socket class>>initializeNetwork works fine.

The problem occurs in the changed implementation of
ConnectionQueue>>listenLoop. In 2.5, the socket is sent the message
listenOn:backlogSize: which dies when it hits the primitive.

The 2.4 implementation is using Socket>>listenOn: which calls a different

Possibly Mark did not have this problem with the Mac VM because it is a
little bit further along than the 2.4c VM for Windows?

On a related note, I read the FAQ on how to set up a headless swiki at

but it seems to be a little Unix-oriented. Can anyone give me some pointers
on setting up a headless Swiki on NT (i.e. as a service?). Do I really have
to recompile the VM? I use NT every day, but that doesn't mean I know
anything about the OS :-). I've heard there's a tool with the NT resource
kit for making standalone apps into services, but I've never used it.


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> wrote:
> > I am having a similar problem with the 2.4c VM and the 2.5 image on NT.
> > This could be a newbie problem (as both Kellie and I are trying this
> > for the first time), because of either not understanding the
> documentation
> > or because something has changed that affects new swikis but
> not existing
> > ones.
> >
> > Or it could be a problem in using the 2.5 image with the 2.4c VM?
> This is my personal guess. If you could try it with a 2.4 image,
> that would
> help enormously.
> (I *believe* the 2.5 image & vm have some "conditional" support for new
> socket prims. I'm not sure that PWS is fully cognizant of them.)
> > Here are the steps I am following (from PWS howToStart)
> >
> > 1. Download the Server folder from
> >
> > 2. Untar into a directory called Server in Squeak's working directory
> > 3. Change ServerAction(class)>>serverDirectory as required
> > 4. [PWS initializeAll]
> > 5. Create a subdirectory in Server folder (I called it 'fortune')
> > 6. [SwikiAction setUp: 'fortune']
> > 7. [PWS serveOnPort: 8080 loggingTo: 'swiki-log.txt'] fork
> Quick point. "fork" is unnecessary, and, indeed, doesn't do anything.
> But given that it *looks* like a problem with processes, you might try it
> without forking and see what happens.
> Also, try starting up PWS *after* initializeAll but *without* SwikiAction
> setup. My guess is that you'll get the crash, but it'd be nice to confirm.
> I strongly recommend working with an older PWS first!
> Cheers,
> Bijan.

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