PWS headless - misc. questions - OSProcess might help

David T. Lewis lewis at
Mon Aug 30 22:41:42 UTC 1999

On Mon, Aug 30, 1999 at 09:10:56AM -0700, Peter William Lount wrote:
> Hi David,
> This looks really cool! I'll study it some more. Would it be possible for
> you to post a working full set of vm, image, etc... files including sources
> on the net somewhere? (If you need space I can put them on

I would need to build this for you on FreeBSD (that's what you're running,
right?). I can probably do that, but I won't have time to get around to
it for a week or two. If you don't mind having a bash at building it
yourself, I'd actually appreciate some feedback on whether the instructions
are clear enough and whether the build goes smoothly on your platform.

By the way, you can load the change set if you want to just want to browse
the Smalltalk side. You should probably plan to have about an hour of
free time to kill if you want to build the VM and shared libraries.

> I think that these changes to the base image really could make squeak much
> more usefull in server and "unix" situations...

This will require small but inconvenient changes to a couple of the
interpreter support files from Squeak Central.  I suspect that if there
is interest, we could request it for some future release.

On the Smalltalk side, I suspect that this stuff may not really belong
in the base image due to its platform dependencies, but I would be
pleased if anyone holds a contrary opinion.

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