multiple questions & ideas

Stefan Rieken StefanRieken at
Fri Aug 13 13:45:51 UTC 1999


Here is a bunch of questions and ideas from me. I have just put them all
together, as to save you all from mail-bombing :-).

1: My workspaces always seem to "forget" objects I have previously
created, and they think the bunny object from Alice is an undefined
object (while I still can access it from within the "Actor" thingy). I
guess I missed something about scope & garbage collection here?

1: How about a VM that optionally handles compressed images/ changes /
souces files etc.? Compressing mechanisms could be coded in a few 100
kb, and it could reduce your Squeak directory with a few Mb.

2: I'd /love/ to see Squeak ported to Amiga. But I get scared of the big
sources. Can anybody tell me from his experience how much trouble it is,
and where I should look at?

3: How about a Squeak newsgroup? This mailinglist is so active!

4: The introduction window of the Squeak images refers to a ReadMe.txt
file that is only included in Windows versions (and possibly Mac, but
not Linux for sure). Please make clear you need this readme for all
versions, so that newcomers are not directly faced with a Squeak that
can't find the introduction file.

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