Simple Morphic project

Mark Mayfield mmayfield at
Thu Aug 19 14:48:25 UTC 1999

Being someone that is a purest at heart when it comes to separating
business logic, i.e. the model, from its interface, i.e. a view and
controller, here is an alternative to Tim's example. It's a little
more work, but it keeps the LedMorph more of an "interface" object by
making it pluggable. The counter object is a model object, and the
counting application is a cooridnator object in that it creates the
counter and pluggable led morph objects and connects them up.

It's not the best code in the world, but it gets the point across.


>[Great Morphic example snipped]
>Thanx Tim! This example really got me hooked into Morphic.
>Now, I would like to know:
>* If it is possible to construct the counter (one LedMorph, two
>   SimpleButtomMorphs) without writing a single line of code,
>   assuming that LedMorph already has "increment" and "decrement"
>   menthods? I thought it was possible to do such a thing by creating
>   the Led and buttoms from the "World>>new morph..." menu, and then
>   sort of embed them to some AlignmentMorphs. But I couldn't figure
>   a way out to do it.
>* Since I can store a morph to a file, how can I load a morph
>   from file and give it a name?
>Hsin-Hao Yu
>(Squeak newbie)

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