A different view of Smalltalk

Stefan Matthias Aust sma at netsurf.de
Tue Aug 17 21:39:32 UTC 1999

Nice job, Bob!

The attached change set allows one to try out Bob's code in a 2.4c image
(probably also in other 2.4 variants).  Mainly, a bunch of color constant
definitions were missing.  I added some guessed values because I don't have
a 2.5 yet.

Bob Arning wrote:

>Questions to answer:
>1. Can this provide useful information to beginning Smalltalkers?
>    Intermediate? Advanced?

I think, yes.  If the view would be a little bit more dense, it would be
even better.  You may want to add boxes for the method name and the
method's comment and variables, too.  This would allow you to explain
comments and variables.  For a beginner it might not be obvious that text
in double-quotes are comments.

>2. Can this become a tool for writing code as well as reading it?

Yes. I'd like to be able to use drag and drop to refactor or construct new
methods.  A similar view could work for constructing or refactoring methods
of classes.

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