Car and Steering wheel demo and Squeak-DEMOS

Jesse Welton jwelton at
Fri Aug 27 13:06:21 UTC 1999

Stewart MacLean wrote:
> Using 2.5 and Windows 95 this just opens a few menus and shuffles them
> around - no car or steering wheel insight!
> I carefully positioned the RecorderMorph in the top left. I guess the
> co-ordinates are misaligned?

In addition to making sure you're doing it in an otherwise empty
Morphic screen, you have to make sure your squeak window is large
enough.  The first thing it did when I ran it was to try to open a
menu past the right edge of my Squeak window, which failed.  I
switched to a higher resolution, restarted squeak with a
correspondingly bigger window, and all was well.

Is there any way to make squeak recognize a change in the window size,
without restarting?  It's a bit discouraging that Squeak doesn't
automatically register the window change and adjust the display bounds
accordingly.  (I'm on a Mac, if that matters.)


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