[Interval Problem] 2 cents

Jarvis, Robert P. Jarvisb at timken.com
Mon Aug 2 11:39:06 UTC 1999

In my opinion this is an example of premature optimization, and flies
directly in the face of well-documented Smalltalk best practices.  Use of
accessor methods simplifies maintenance, increases browsability, and in my
opinion is a whole lot easier to work with.  When you have a known
performance problem you're trying to solve you can then potentially drop
internal accessor sends if you think that's going to make a difference.
(Personally I doubt very much that the elimination of some simple accessor
sends is going to affect much of anything.  Poor algorithm choices are far
more likely to be the culprit in any performance problem than accessor
sends).  If you want to drop the use of accessors in your own code then you
should do so.  I'll continue to use accessors.

Bob Jarvis
The Timken Company

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> From:	Andres Valloud [SMTP:sqrmax at cvtci.com.ar]
> Sent:	Friday, July 30, 1999 5:48 PM
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> Hi.
> I think it would be a good idea to remove the self sends from any fix,
> and replace
> self someInstanceVariablePlainAccessorMethodNamedTheSame
> with
> theInstanceVariableItself.
> Because then you start adding message sends and that is time expensive.
> Andres.

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